The Little Chelsea Gallery was created in 2010 by photographer Tim Bosworth.

Originally opened as a public gallery for exhibitions and studio spaces, the Little Chelsea Gallery has now developed in to an online Gallery specialising in selling digital images for large Wall Art.

The image belongs to you ,to use and print as you wish.

As a keen wildlife enthusiast and conservationist, Tim has always had a love for the local scenery around his Sussex home, including the iconic chalk cliffs of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters, the South Downs National park and the atmospheric Friston Forest.  The coastline is perfect for moody landscapes and beautiful nature photography.

Tim also makes time for his own studio work which fulfils his passion for intriguing portraiture and dance/ movement photography.

It is a pleasure and joy to now be able to share this passion with you.

  • Belle Tout Lighthouse golden sunset and wind farm

    Sunset Belle Tout Windfarm

  • Morning Dew Droplets

    Morning Dew Droplets

  • portrait of a peregrine falcon

  • common buzzard; juvenile

  • peregrine falcon in square format

  • swan graceful after landing