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Add the image to the basket and complete your purchase securely.

Download the high-resolution image, take it to your printer of choice.

For many people the concept of buying just a digital image is very new.

There are a few important elements to consider, but we hope you appreciate the great advantages for this system.

Firstly and most importantly, you are buying a Hi Res photograph that gives you unlimited use for that image.  This enables you to have the choice to the number of copies you make, the size you print and the texture you print on ie canvass, print paper, acrylic etc

All our images are designed to create large Wall Art.

It is our recommendation that the maximum print size should be 72×40 inch, 183×102 cm (32×20 inch 81×50 cm in the Small Gallery) for the best quality.  All good print shops, including on line, should give advice. We are very proud to work with the BIG ART STUDIO, who create our own prints and canvass. They ship all over the world and you can get more information from them at :

Examples of our large canvas prints can be seen at Tall Guy Coffee Shop, Terminus Rd, Eastbourne.

If you wish for more advice on creating large prints do please contact us and we can give further information.


When buying a digital image do please ensure you are buying the right image before completing your purchase.

Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once sent, cannot be returned; The Little Chelsea Gallery has a strict no refunds policy.

Please note that you are buying the image but not the copyright. You may use the image for commercial projects but may not sell the image individually.